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DIY Nail Decals

This week I’ll be showing you all how to make your own custom nail decals. I know this isn’t a super unique tutorial, but I figured I’d still make it because it’s something that I enjoy doing, and maybe someone will learn something new from my tutorial. You never know,

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Heart boxes!

Today I’m going to show you how to make a cute heart shaped box that would be perfect for Valentine’s day! You can fill them with love notes, jewelry, chocolates, or any thing else that will make your Valentine feel loved.

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Valentine’s day is coming up, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to hand make the gift for your Valentine. And if you really want to make them happy, you’ll want to make them some edible gifts! Lucky for you I put together a video on how to make a

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My new pair of shoes

Look at this face. Meet Hobbes, the destroyer of shoes. Actually, I should give him a little credit because he has only ruined one pair of shoes, however they happened to be one of my most favorite pairs.Thankfully he didn’t do too much damage to them, so instead of throwing them

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Gremlin in his felt cave
For the Home

A little while ago I was browsing the internet and I happened upon these neat, sculptural felt cat “caves” and I thought they were really interesting and I immediately wanted to make one myself. I’ve never done this technique before – wet felting with loose wool roving – I’ve only

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ArtFor the HomeTutorials

I recently saw some awesome artwork by these artists Hari and Deepti and I was very inspired to create some of my own. I threw together three tutorials; one is advanced, one is intermediate and one is easy. Check out the video below, or continue on after the “read more”

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Noren curtains in the front room.
For the HomeTutorials

I live in a shotgun style home, where we have no hallways and it’s  basically just series of rooms, back to back. Some shotgun homes have doors to separate the rooms, but some, like mine, only have doorways. No doors. I’ve grown accustomed to the openness of being able to

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The gold dipped horn deers on the wall.
For the HomeOtherTutorials

First off I gotta say… Happy New Years! Welcome to 2015! Alright, back to this weeks project. I’ve always wanted to put up a faux mounted animal head in our house, but I could never find something that would work/was in the price range I wanted. I ended up giving

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Etched champaign glasses

Merry Christmas!! Since most of you are probably reading this after opening presents and all that other good stuff, I figured it was a tad too late for another Christmas themed project. However, it would be just in time for a New Years Eve project! So for this week I’m going

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Holiday Giveaway Ornament

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winner will be announced 1/1/15~ Hello everyone and welcome to my very first…  Giveaway info: You’re entering to win the wood turned sea urchin ornament pictured above, handmade by me. You can enter 3 different ways: Youtube: You must be a subscriber and then simply leave

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