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I’ve had some requests to do more cat projects and I’ve been meaning to put together a needle felting tutorial, so I decided to combine those two ideas together. So today I’ll be showing you how to make some needle felted cat toys! I made three different types, one stuffed

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Gremlin in his felt cave
For the Home

A little while ago I was browsing the internet and I happened upon these neat, sculptural felt cat “caves” and I thought they were really interesting and I immediately wanted to make one myself. I’ve never done this technique before – wet felting with loose wool roving – I’ve only

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I’ve been itching for some new pillows for my awesome couch, and I ended up coming up with the simple idea of just using my boyfriend and my initials. And an ampersand. Here’s how they turned out: And I also took some progress shots for you all and will walk

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I’m planning on participating in a Warrior Dash next year, but I need to train so I’ll be able to run and do the obstacles in a decent time. ¬†A lot of people dress up as viking warriors for the race, and I thought it would be cute to just

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